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Determining gasket parameters


Determining gasket parameters

according to DIN EN 13555

Compared to all market competitors, our physical lab has the most varied of gasket test rig equipment. From ambient temperature up to 900 °C, we are able to determine individual  gasket parameters or gasket parameters in accordance to DIN EN 13555 and other guidelines and requirements. We can carry out leakage measurements in test temperatures of up to 600 °C and at a maximum test pressure of 160 bar. Higher test pressure stages (max. 500 bar He) on request. We are happy to support and assist you and precisely determine all the gasket parameters that you require for your application – for any type of gasket material and regardless of the manufacturer.

All public gasket parameters are formatted and entered into our gasket database. Within the gasket database, you can select the gasket parameters for your gasket and display the data in tabular and graphical form. The selected data can be downloaded as an XML file or PDF at any time.

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