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Turnaround Engineering

Turnaround Engineering

Pipe planning & process technology

System down-time is essential for cleaning and maintaining equipment, repairing and replacing pipes, valves and control devices. There are a large number of participating specialist trades, labourers, suppliers, service providers and departments to coordinate each time the system is shut down. The key to successful down-time is making plans at an early stage and in as thorough a way as possible. But we are also here to assist you at any time for short-term down-time or for support during ongoing down-time and shutdowns.

Replacement for old systems ? »

In this context, we can offer you

The planning of repair work:

  • Repairing and rebuilding pipes and equipments.
  • Calculating pressurised components with a reduced wall thickness.
  • Pipe static analyses (ROHR 2) of existing pipes or pipes for repair.
  • Converting sealing systems on heat exchangers to increase their tightness.
  • Planning ofrequired on site machining.
  • Material and component selection, parts lists and purchase specifications.
  • The analyses of existing, damaged flange joints using KemShape or KemAnalysis.
  • Investigating sealing surface damage.
  • Evaluating current damage, particularly if the flange tightness is negatively affected.
  • Creating repair drafts for lines or equipments.
  • Optimising flanged joints (flange-bolts-gasket).
  • Calculating and optimization of existing equipment and pipe flange connections.
  • Designing and creating specifications for gaskets and sealing elements.
  • Assembly instructions and strategies.
  • Determining the tightening torques for assembling the flange joints.
  • Tightness certificates considering TA Luft / VDI 2290 / IPPC.

Turnaround engineering (the need for replacing old equipment)

A wide variety of materials, parts and components are required for projects such as turnarounds or maintenance measures, for example, weak point schedules. Searching for the right replacement part for an existing pipe system is sometimes very difficult. Procurement is not possible without precise specifications. This frequently results in incorrect delivery or discussions with suppliers and surveyors. Blocks on supplied parts and components due to not meeting the guideline requirements, or incorrect materials often lead to delays in assembly. In this context, taking into account your site-specific national and international guidelines, we can offer you.

The creation of parts specifications, from single bolt up to complete equipments:

  • The selection of material, including the creation of individual surveys and checks by a cooperating notified body.
  • The creation of preliminary dimensioning calculations, sketches or drawings.
  • The determination of suitable valve types including policy and material issues.
  • The creation of custom parts specifications including drawings and calculations.
  • The implementation of studies on the supply availability of the specified components.
  • Standardisation and harmonisation.
  • A summary of various customer-specific standards in one guideline.
  • The adaptation of existing material specifications to the current guideline.
  • A demonstration of possible material alternatives, in terms of cost-benefit aspects.
  • Specifications for valves, pipes, fittings, brackets and bearings, as well as specifically for flangebolts and gaskets.