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Pipe class design and maintenance
& material guidelines

Pipe class design and maintenance, material guidelines and specifications

Basic engineering in classical unit construction

Pipe classes represent basic engineering in classical unit construction and the applied material designations, standards and delivery conditions must be reviewed and updated from time to time. The increased leak tightness requirements frequently require parts or pipe components to be optimised. Special attention should be given to the components flange, bolt and gasket which are crucial contributors to the leak tightness. They are frequently the only option for optimisation within an existing pipe class when it comes to tight and reliable flange joints without compromise.

In this context, we can offer you

The recreation of pipe classes:

  • Concept development for single pipe classes or pipe class databases.
  • Including the selection of material the creation of individual surveys and checks by a cooperating notified body.
  • The creation of component calculations, drawings and order specifications.
  • The determination of suitable valve types including policy and material issues.
  • The implementation of studies on the supply availability of the specified components.
  • Checks on your existing pipe classes to ensure the validity of the applied standards and guidelines.
  • The optimisation / increase of the pipe class rating.
  • The calculation of all pressurised components.
  • The regular application of the recognised guidelines DIN EN 13480, AD 2000 or ASME Section 8 Div. I-II-III.

The optimisation of sealed connections (flange-bolts gasket):

  • The creation of leak tightness concepts for your site.
  • The optimisation / reduction of the required range of gaskets in terms of cost-benefit aspects.
  • Tightening torques for assembling the flange joints.
  • leak tightness certificates considering IPPC, TA Luft / VDI 2290.