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Reliability concepts 

Reliability concepts for existing equipment, new constructions and the optimisation of pressure equipment

To seal heat exchangers

Aside from pumps and pipes, heat exchangers and air cooling devices are the centrepieces of the process systems for many operations. Safe, economical operations are soon put in danger due to heat exchangers which are not leak-tight or which are working with poor efficiency. The maintenance costs for repairs or sealing leaks shoot up; losses in contribution margins due to unplanned down-time lead to poor profits. At the same time, citizens living in direct proximity to undesired emissions have a higher level of awareness, which often guarantees complaints to authorities or companies.

In this context, we can offer you the following services:

To seal heat exchangers:
  • The calculation of individual equipmet flanged joints right up to the systematic calculation of whole apparatuses.
  • The handling of calculation projects for existing groups of equipments or system areas.
  • The systematic investigation of leakage and tightness problems.
  • The optimisation of existing equipment flange connections:
    • The creation of leak tightness concepts for your equipments.
    • The creation of specifications for Bolts, gaskets and other relevant components for future purchases of replacement parts.
    • Tightening torques / bolt forces for the assembly work.
    • Assembly concepts or strategies for your maintenance work.
    • The optimisation of the bolt types and materials used as well as gasket types in terms of cost-benefit aspects.
    • Advice / support for the effective use of pneumatic and hydraulic tightening tools.
    • Assembly support and quality assurance during assembly work to ensure that the calculated forces can be applied to the gasket.
    • The calculation and documentation of assembly, including examination from our cooperating notified body, if desired.
    • Documents suitable for inspection for your surveyor’s checks before commissioning according to Section 15 BetrSichV (German regulation.
    • leak tightness certificates considering IPPC, TA-Luft or VDI 2290.
  • Pipe static analyses of connected pipe systems using ROHR 2.
  • The determination of the actual additional load (forces and bending moments) on flange joints, with tension analysis for the pipe system examined as an option.
  • On-site assessment of pipes if the documentation is not clear.
  • The pre-dimensioning of pipe casings for your apparatuses with your material specifications.
  • The design and planning of apparatus flange joints, taking into account your design or operating conditions.
  • The selection of suitable bolt types and materials as well as gasket types and materials, based on the process data.
  • The creation of specifications for future purchases of replacement parts.
  • If desired, including examination from our cooperating notified body.
  • The examination of the available gap between the partition plates and the conductive plates inside your heat exchangers.
  • The design of the sealing of partition and conductive plates for pipe bundles to increase their efficiency.