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Management concepts

Management concepts

Training of the flange fitters & definition of assembly standards

The optimisation of flanged joints within pipe classes or on apparatus flanged joints is the only correct way to ensure a leak-free flange connection without compromise. But a calculation, screw and high-quality gasket alone still cannot guarantee reliable leak tightness. This can only be produced when the flange joint is being assembled, and only when the flanges, gaskets and bolts which have already been included in the calculation are used. Here, we must combine theory and practice and use suitable assembly specifications and strategies to really “give power to the bolts”, which the gasket needs to be able to operate safely. At the same time, we must set up and apply rules for targeted and effective quality management.

In this context, we can offer you

The development of assembly standards or instructions:

  • Concept creation for an assembly standard tailored to the needs of your company.
  • Tightening sequences, with the optional determination of the required bolting equipment.
  • Quality management designs for your maintenance activities, projects or turnarounds.
  • Optionally with tools for the reliable documentation of assembled:
    • flange joints or assembly faults.

Training of the flange fitters and responsible engineers:

  • We can offer you flange assembly training for the complete contents of the basic qualification level, with or without certification of the fitters (training duration: 1 day, max. 10 hours).
  • Alternatively, we can offer you our training which is tailored specifically to your operational needs and applications.
  • For installation engineers, construction supervisors, master craftsmen and technicians with a supervisory function, we also offer a more advanced training course, based on the basic qualification level (with prior certification), to become a responsible engineer in the sense of DIN 1591-4 (with or without certification).
  • The training courses take place at our service sites in Oberhausen and Leuna. Or on site at your premises in our training truck, or at your premises with our mobile training equipment.

The creation of assembly tables for tightening torques:

  • The calculation of the flanged joints which are relevant to you.
  • The optimisation / reduction of the required range of gaskets in terms of cost-benefit aspects.
  • Tightening torques for assembling the flanged joints.
  • Leak tightness certifications to present to approval bodies.