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Sealing connections
High temperature

Designing sealed connection for high temperature applications

When does a high temperature range start?

Developing new processes in various industry branches requires greater and greater operating temperatures and pressures. The deployment and use of standard gaskets and standard gasket technology materials have reached their limit by maximum 500 °C in terms of function and durability. The same applies for the standardised calculation methods in the well-known guidelines ASME, DIN EN 13445 or AD 2000.

Here, we are happy for you to make use of our expertise when it comes to using materials and applying calculation methods tailored to high temperatures. If a design temperature of 650 to 700 °C was a serious challenge and hurdle just a few years ago, we can now demonstrate experience of design temperatures of up to 1050 °C.

We can offer you a complete service, starting with a preselection of suitable materials and suitable gasket systems, to the design and specifications of the required components, right up to coordinating with the corresponding third party organisation (notified body) or ASME inspection agencies.
At the customer’s request, we plan and carry out the corresponding component tests in the relevant application temperature to verify the effectiveness of the designs and confirm the durability of the gaskets.