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Programme system KLINGER BABSy

BABSy – Vessel & apparatus construction system

The programme system KLINGER BABSy is a modular calculation tool for the fast and effective calculation of pressure and temperature-stressed components for the manufacture and repair of piping and apparatus. 

The name BABSy is composed of Behälter- und Apparate Bau System (tank and apparatus construction system) and, as a modular system, allows calculation according to various design regulations, such as AD2000, DIN EN 13480, DIN EN 13445 and ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1. You will find a complete list of the available programme modules as an overview at the end of the page.

The programme system was developed and programmed by the Thomas Dutz engineering office beginning in 1982. Over the decades, the system, which has been developed and updated up to this day, has convinced many customers from the areas of plant and apparatus construction, users of many engineering and planning offices as well as a range of renowned plant operating companies, making them permanent customers and users. Passed on from the developer to KLINGER Kempchen GmbH in 2020, since the start of 2021 it has been managed and updated by the KLINGER Engineering department, which will develop it further in the coming months. 

At this point, we thank Thomas Dutz for being able to continue to benefit from his support and assistance. 

 KLINGER BABSy currently offers calculation modules for the following regulations:

  • AD 2000 B series and S series
  • DIN EN 13480 Design of metallic piping
  • DIN EN 13445 Unfired pressure vessels
  • BS5500 British Standard
  • ASME Code Section VIII/Div. 1
  • ASME Code Section VIII/Div. 2 
  • Stoomwezen

Additionally, further modules (in some cases individual modules) are available for a wide variety of uses. 

Programme use

It is anticipated that as of the 3rd quarter of 2021 we will enable interested existing customers access * to the programme system in the form of a single-place installation, in order to support them and to facilitate their work on and with pressure-bearing parts. The purchase price as well as an annual service lump sum will be based partly on the turnover level of the last few years. 
Are you interested in our programme system? Please get in touch with us! We would be glad to provide you with a corresponding proposal.

 *right to acquire and use the programme system KLINGER BABSy for all existing customers of KLINGER Kempchen GmbH with customer number received before 31/12/2020. 

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EP-Services KLINGER Enigeering


As a provider of engineering services, a modular programme system such as KLINGER BABSy offers us the scope to develop optimised calculation algorithms or, if needed, new calculation solutions for our customers.

EP-Services KLINGER Enigeering

Sealing connections are our core business. Therefore, we are working intensively on a new version of DIN EN 1591-1, which already finds itself largely on the home straight. Our main focus is on the development of tools for the calculational strength and tightness proof for enamelled flange connections, flange connections with inliner or coatings.

EP-Services KLINGER Enigeering

As well as flange connections made of plastics, as their calculation cannot so far simply be carried out with sealing variables according to DIN EN 13555, pursuant to the existing version of DIN EN 1591-1. Our aim is to close this gap in 2021 using our experience and knowledge and, in future, to enable a calculation including the tightness proof.