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Root Cause Analysis & Logic Tree Analysis

Damage analysis

The type and scope of damage analysis is mainly aligned towards the severity and importance of the incident concerned. Root cause analysis (RCA) is a common method of identifying and rectifying causes of error or problems in science and engineering. RCA technology is implemented regularly, particularly in the chemical or petrochemical industry, or in the analysis of accidents.
The fundamental idea behind all RCA methods is firstly the precise description of the problem or incident, the theoretical listing of possible causes and the systematic testing of the route to the error. Here, technical facts and witness statements play an important role, as does the retrospective simulation of the incident.

As well as the correct questioning technique, the auxiliary tools of a good RCA are the creation of a timeline from the past up until the incident occurrence, the differentiation between the root cause and other causal factors, and the creation of a causal diagram (cause and effect logic tree) to clarify the relationship between the root cause and the incident.